Kitchen and Pantry

A kitchen and pantry set which is stunning and contemporary.


The island (pictured above).


The kitchen cabinets and marble topped counters.


The roomy pantry.


Color Pop

Despite my appreciation for the beauty of natural wood and grayscale furniture, this finished magenta counter/cabinet was surprisingly satisfying to work on.


Cabinet Accents

A fireplace made even lovelier with two white cabinets. The cabinets provide a frame for the fireplace, and are a convenient, but stylish, way to optimize shelving space.


Not sure about black and white installments? Don’t worry, your carpets, plants, and the rest of your possessions with liven the room up once everything is finished.

Peacock Feather Sink

Strange, but very beautiful peacock feather sink needed to be paired with an equally interesting counter, and so, wooden log accents were added to spice things up.


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